Steve Harvey Net worth

According to the last update of 2023, Steve Harvey net worth is $200 million. We also discuss Steve Harvey’s full life, including his biography, age, height, weight, married status, lifestyle, source of income, career, personal life, and net worth. 


Steve Harvey is a well-known television personality, comedian, and author who has achieved great success throughout his career. He has hosted numerous television shows, including Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show, and has authored several books. 

steve harvey net worth

Throughout his career, Steve Harvey has amassed a considerable fortune, making him one of the wealthiest people in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore Steve Harvey’s net worth, lifestyle, personal life, and more.

Bio table:

Name Steve Harvey
Date of Birth January 17, 1957
Occupation Comedian, Television Host, Author
Nationality American
Net Worth (2021) $200 Million

Steve Harvey is a well-known comedian, television host, and author who has been entertaining audiences for decades. Born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, he first rose to fame as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s and 1990s.


With a net worth of $200 million, Steve Harvey leads a luxurious lifestyle. He owns a $15 million mansion in Atlanta, which boasts features like a pool, movie theater, and indoor basketball court. He also owns a fleet of expensive cars, including a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley.

steve harvey net worth

Personal Life:

Steve Harvey has been married three times and has seven children. He married his first wife, Marcia Harvey, in 1980, and they divorced in 1994. He then married his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, in 1996, and they divorced in 2005. 

In 2007, he married Marjorie Bridges, and they have been together ever since. Harvey is a devout Christian and has been very open about the role his faith plays in his life.

Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. He has accumulated this fortune through various means, including hosting television shows, writing books, and acting in films. 

In addition to his work in entertainment, Steve Harvey also invests in real estate, owning properties in several states.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Steve Harvey’s most successful show?

A: Steve Harvey’s most successful show is Family Feud, which he has hosted since 2010.

Q: How much does Steve Harvey make per episode of Family Feud?

A: It is not publicly known how much Steve Harvey makes per episode of Family Feud, but it is rumored to be around $20,000 per episode.

Q: What is Steve Harvey’s most popular book?

A: Steve Harvey’s most popular book is Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.


Steve Harvey’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and success in the entertainment industry. He has achieved great success throughout his career, hosting numerous television shows, writing books, and acting in films. 

With a net worth of $200 million, Steve Harvey leads a luxurious lifestyle, owning multiple properties and expensive cars. Despite his success, Steve Harvey remains humble and dedicated to his faith, making him an inspiration to many.

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