Lana Rhoades Net worth

According to the latest update of 2023 Lana Rhoades net worth around $1million.

In this article, we will describe the complete life of famous American female actress Lana Rhoades. We will also discuss his personality, net worth, lifestyle, his entire career, biography, personal life, struggle, height, etc.

Who is Lana Rhoades?


The complete name of Lana Rhoades is Amara Maple. She was born in American city machinery county on 6 September 1996.

She is a famous American adult actress. Her parents are still alive and live in McHenry county. Before the age of 16 she worked on dragoon, Arabic tattoos. She had great fondness towards adult stars and lots of interest in this field.

She had very little interest in education and left the study and travel to become a punster in America known as an adult worker.

According to her profession changed her name to Lana Rhoades. 


Name  Lana Rhoades 
Real name  Amara maple 
Date of birth  06/09/1996
Birth place  McHenry County
Age  27 year 
Gender  Female 
Nationality  American 
Height  “5” feet “3”inches 
Profession  Actress 
Per year income  $11 thousand per year 
Source of income  You tube and modelling 
Marital status  Divorced 
Children  One children 

Personal  life of Lana Rhoades

In following table we tell all personal information about her personal life 

Husband name  Jon ex-husband 
Children name  Milo 
Boyfriend name  Mike Majlak 

 Lana Rhoades in relation with mike majlak in 2020 and she welcomes a son with mike majlak.

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Career  of  Lana Rhoades 

After completing school life she started work on her aim to get more success in this field which is known as adultgraphy or pornography.

She started to struggle with her aim of life and entered the industry at the age of 16 years. Many other actors and actresses stop her to take some time and review her decision because it’s not good for her.

It directly affected her mind and mental growth which led to her mental problems.but she did not stop and ignored all talks and other negative environments.

She made her first adult movie with Playboy in 2016 and made her debut in industry with granger start and got more popular then another present and former pornstar.

She become a famous adult star in history of the industry of this site.she had lot of confidence in this and give more time on this side.

After this debut her age was 18 years old she was too young in this industry. During this struggle she faced so many problems and hardships from their family side and home town. She got more popular when she worked on other movies of pornography. 

In this time duration she won many titles and awards.she delivered so many speeches on this field and guided and led the youth generation about side effects of adult movies on their lives and tells bad effect on society and childs.

In 2020 she officially announced that left the adult film industry and deleted their all previous videos who are totally about pornography Style and pose.

In 2020 she take decision on to comeback in adult industry and work on giant Brazzer making products with paul’s with partnership but a few months later she announced that contract pupils will be cancelled due to some religious issues because logan paul family has religious factors but lana rhoades related with adult film industry and worked in many years.

Lana rhoades family is also religious but they did not know about her daughter works in the adult industry.


Following are the movies in which lana rhoades works as a actress and pornography 

  • In 2021 she worked in a pleasure movie and got a nomination.
  • In 2017 worked in  pure turbo movie it is totally about rough sex 
  • In 2014 worked in tv serial blacked in which famous adult drama 
  • In 2010 worked in add brazzers exxtra 
  • In 2014  mommy girls 
  • In 2016 vaxin movie 
  • In 2009 adult series i know that girl 
  • In 2020 moms in control adult movie 
  • In 2018 best in sex serial and win the award 
  • In 2021 podcast series three girl in one kitchen 

Lifestyle of Lana Rhoades

The net worth of Lana is estimated at $1 million and her per year income $11 thousands and her  home is made on luxury basis and furnished with the latest stationary. She had a worthy and precious car of royal model.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the net worth of Lana Rhoades?

Corresponding to 2023 latest update net worth of Lana Rhoades is $1million.

What is the per year income of Lana Rhoades?

Per year income of Lana Rhoades is $11thousand.

What is the real name of Lana rhoades?

The real name of lana rhoades is “Amara maple”.

What is the name of Lana rhoades boyfriend?

Mike Majlak is the boyfriend of Lana rhoades.

What is the name of  Lana rhoades ex-husband?

Jon is the ex-husband of Lana rhoades.


Amara maple is the real name of Lana Rhoades who was born on 06 september in 1996 in the city of America. 

She worked in kite tattoo at the age of 16 and after school went to the adult industry because she had interest in adults and worked with playboy in 2016 and made  debuit.

She works as a model and pornstar in this industry for more than 10 years and leaves this industry.